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Medium HQ (San Francisco) · 07.19.14

Once more, we're calling the best university hackers to join us on July 19th & 20th. We're looking for innovators who are not afraid of rolling up their sleeves and are hungry to win the title of "Hackfest Champion". We have room for a total of 170 students, and you can apply with up to 4 students per team. We will accept only the very best teams. Competition will be fierce so choose your teammates wisely, and come ready to show us what you can devliver in just 24 hours.

The Judges

Gerald Fong
David Sze
Pooja Sankar

The Sponsors

Grand Prize


The Hacker Cash-omatic

Each team member will get one minute to collect as many Benjamin Franklins as possible in the Hacker Cash-omatic. The money booth is stocked full of cold hard cash, ready for the taking. Once all team members have finished their one minute in the booth, the total cash collected will be split evenly among the group.

Meet Tech Leaders

The winning team will also get to meet Ev Williams, David Sze and Josh Elman.


Choose an ambitious idea that's just on the edge of your abilities — then go and build it. The hard time limit and inspiring atmosphere will help you find victory!

Feross Aboukhadijeh

If things go wrong, don't worry and push on! My team's main hack only started to come together during the last 30 minutes.

Gerald Fong

Winning a hackathon isn't just about building something cool. You can't win if no one remembers you. Work hard, pitch harder.

Conrad Kramer

Coordinate with your team ahead of time. At the very least know what sort of cool hardware each of your teammates has available, and what you might be able to use for your hack.

Delian Asparouhov
hosted by Dropbox

A platform to control electronic devices. It's a cloud based API that allows for the easy control and integration of sensors, switches, and other home automation products.

  • Sharad Vikram
  • Gerald Fong
  • Abi Raja
  • Li Pi
hosted by AirBnb
Smart Room

Smart room lets you control your speakers, lights, and computers by using simple hand gestures. We created a watch that tracks your hand movements, and also use an android app to track your position and orientation.

  • Siddhartho Bhattacharya
  • Kevin Yanofsky
  • Gerald Fong
  • Achal Dave
hosted by Medium Medium
Your Team?

This could be you! What are you waiting for? Get your team together, and apply now!

Apply Now!

Note: This application is for your entire team. You only need one application per team; we will email your teammates to get the rest of their information.

Application Submitted!

We will start reviewing your team application as soon as your teammates submit their resume. Selected teams will be notified by July 12th.

Rules + Eligibility
  • 24hr competition
  • Doors open at 10.30am on 07.19.2014
  • Greylock hackfest officialy kicks off at noon on 07.19.2014
  • Registration deadline is July 9, 2014
  • Selected participants will be notified by July 12, 2014
  • Only full-time, enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate
  • Limited space: we have room for a total of 170 students
  • Maximum of 4 students per team
  • We are only accepting team registrations