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Greylock Hackfest

It's a bird… It's a plane… It's greylock hackfest! Hopefully evil has other plans that weekend—because you and your team will be too busy building something awesome.

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We'll let you know by June 1st if you've been selected to participate in Hackfest2!

We've now closed registration for the Hackfest, and we'll be notifying selected teams by July 13th. Questions? Please contact Julie Deroche (

We want to know why you're a contender — why you just may be the best. What's your specialty? What's the geography of your passion? Got an area of supreme expertise? Awesome. What is it? If programming languages were superpowers, what would that make you? Make sure to throw down a link or three: blog, GitHub, HackerLeague, LinkedIn — anything impressive.

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Greylock's Portfolio

Our 50+ awesome portfolio companies are looking for CS interns and new grads. Showcase your heroic self, and we will find you the perfect match.

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We'd like to know what makes you tick, what makes you a pro, what makes you stand out—what makes you you. In a year or three, what will you be doing? Which companies in our portfolio impress you? Which do you wish you'd started? What's your ideal role? What's your dream team?

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